PC Bar

PC Bar.

Steel Bar for Prestressed Concrete, which is called PC bar for short, is prestressed steel material applied high-level of technology and belongs to a material with the intermediate prestressed strength level. Because of its high strength and roughness, low relaxation, strong binding force with concrete, good weldability and easy for upsetting, saving in material. It has been widely used in prestressed components such as strong strength prestressed or concrete centrifugal pipe pile, electrical pole, elevated pier, railroad tier, etc. It has a very broad market in the world, especially in Asia.

Product Advantage :

  1. High Strength & Toughness

  2. Low Relaxation

  3. Strong Binding Force with Concrete

  4. Good weldability, easy for upsetting and saving in material

By applying advanced techniques to make the raw material of 30MnSi steel wire rod into PC bar with four specifications, i.e. Ф7.1, Ф9.0, Ф10.7 and Ф12.6. It has high strength and toughness, low relaxation, strong binding force with concrete, good weldability, and is easy for upsetting.

Brand : Tencore

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